Let Your Light Shine

April 12, 2021

By Julianne Hudson

Have you ever dropped a glass jar? Immediately, it shatters. Pieces are everywhere and remnants remain hidden weeks after the incident. Now think of the glass jar as representing your sin. At first, you wonder if you can quickly sweep the mess under a rug. You may try to pretend it never happened, but you quickly realize that isn’t going to work. The ripple effects your actions create lead to consequences, even trauma sometimes. You question if the shattered jar of your life can be restored.  Is there a way to feel whole again? Can God still use me for good?

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” 

Matthew 5:16, NIV

Too often we dismiss the cracks of our lives. We diminish our gifts because we are told that we are too far gone. Shame emerges and leaves us feeling like our light cannot shine.  We wonder if we’ll ever feel restored. But your light was never meant to be hidden. It has purpose and meaning. You might only see the cracks of your life, but someone on the outside might see a warrior. A survivor. A fighter. Someone they can relate to. We are flawed yet redeemed in Christ. Has something happened to you that allowed you to believe your light was unworthy? 

Let your light shine before others. Show them how your Heavenly Father can use a broken past and cracked life for good. Let them see how God sees you: as a wonderful creation, His masterpiece and altogether beautiful.

Perfection is overrated. You have a unique light to shine, that creates a way for others to see the face of Jesus. When we act in accordance with Scripture, when we pray for God to guide and our hearts to obey, mountains move. Relationships are restored. Families come together. Addictions are broken. Hearts heal. Life emerges and light shines. 

Life can knock us to the ground and leave us in the dark, but no matter the size of the flame, it will always beat the darkness. Light illuminates when darkness surrounds. On days when you feel weak, press into Jesus, knowing He gives strength. He adds volume to our flame and impact to our lives.

Lift your light. Ignite the passion within to live a life that glorifies our Father in heaven. This is the kind of life that brings restoration within and to those around you. Let your light shine this Easter season.

Photo Credit: Wonderlane


  1. Dave VanEpps says:

    Love it! Very well done.

  2. Gina Padilla says:

    Great job Julianne! We are flawed yet redeemed in Christ. Excellent reminder of that great truth!

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