August 10, 2020

By Brian Petty

TAG – You’re It!

In the summer of 2017, I started a new job. It was a job I thought would last for one summer but ended up being a seasonal full-time job for the next three summers. The organization I worked with was SpringHill Camps. This organization completely changed my relationship with God and has helped me see all children the way that God sees them. They have helped refine and cultivate new leadership skills within me. The impact of SpringHill on my life can’t be measured. Overall, the best thing that SpringHill Camps offers their employees, on top of the amazing experience and community you receive, is the spiritual development and intentionality of creating a community rooted in Christ.

As a year-round staff member once a month we got paid to spend time alone with God. We call it Time Alone with God or TAG, a childhood game we are all familiar with. And this is the new game I’m proposing. The rules of TAG are simple: you are “it” and now you must go find the hiding place of the Father and seek Him out. Seek His face, His voice, His hand, but most importantly, seek His sweet presence. It’s not a hard game at all, because there are no other rules. How much Time Alone with God you may ask? Well, that’s up to you. At SpringHill, we spend 3 hours once a month. Maybe for you it’s 10 minutes once a month, increasing that over time, until you are adding more time and more days out of the month.

So, TAG – you’re it! I’m tagging you to go and spend some Time Alone with God, because there’s nothing better than spending time with your heavenly Father.


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